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You go out into the field, select a tree, cut the tree down with your own handsaw or one we have provided, and use one of our handy tree carts to bring it to the barn, where we will drill, shake, and bale the tree to make it easier to transport home.  Select from Douglas Fir or Colorado Blue Spruce, sizes ranging from 3' - 10'.

Fresh Cut / Pre Cut

If you are running out of time to select a tree, or it's too cold outside, we always have a very nice selection of already cut trees available for you to choose from. Our customers have always been very happy with the selection we've had to offer in previous years and this year will be no different. There is a great selection Fraser Fir trees sizes ranging from 5' - 7'.

Tree Stands

Remember the days of laying on the floor turning the screws on the tree stand to straighten the Christmas Tree? Or better yet - using string to tie the Christmas tree to the nearest wall to make sure it didn't topple over in the middle of the night?


Our customers rave about our Super Bowl Tree Stands. These stands have a tapered pin in the center of the large capacity water bowl, and we drill a matching tapered hole in the tree trunk. These stands have simplified putting up the Christmas Tree. It's simple & easy - REALLY!!

We have three sizes of stands available that we accommodate trees as large as 12’

The Super Bowl Tree Stand Solution:

Place tree stand where you want your Christmas Tree in your room.

Carry your wrapped Christmas Tree into the house (Make sure your Christmas tree has been drilled for the tree stand pin)

Place the wrapped Christmas Tree on the pin of the tree stand, give a little twist (not too much - just snug it up a little)

Cut the wrapping off the Christmas Tree - turn Tree if necessary

Fill the tree stand bowl with water

Voilà - You're finished! No fighting, No arguing. Our customers have called them the Marriage Saver Tree Stand.


All of our wreaths are made of fresh cut evergreens, right here in our Wreath Shop. They are stored in a cool dark room to assure maximum freshness.

A BJ's Tree Farm freshly made evergreen wreath can last well into March if kept out of direct sunlight. Get creative, change the decorations to make a Valentines Day wreath or even a St. Paddy's Day wreath. Have some fun and stretch your decorating dollars.

Wreaths range from 12" to 36" (outside dimensions, tip-to-tip). Come to the farm to see our best selection - items change daily, and during our busiest days the selection changes hourly. No two pieces are alike - and we will gladly make changes to bow selections upon request.

Grave Blankets and Pillows

Grave Blankets and grave pillows are made fresh here in our Wreath Shop, using only fresh cut evergreens.

Blankets and pillows can be decorated to our customer's specifications - actually we prefer to customize these pieces understanding the special meaning they hold for their loved ones.

Decorations include, but are not limited to: A large bow, large pine cones, silk poinsettias, berries, birds, etc.

Blanket size is approximate 36”x 48”

Pillow sizes are approximate 24” x 24”

Preorders are always suggested as these items are not always available to our walk-in customers.


Our Logs have many uses. Many of our Logs are used as cemetery pieces. However, some of our customers have found new ways to enjoy them in and around their homes to decorate their mantels, foyers, and porches.

Our Logs vary in decorations - sometimes you will not find two that are made the same.

We like to keep things new and fresh and are always looking to find new ways to decorate our logs. Maybe you are looking for something with flowers or perhaps you are remembering a passed family member who loved to hunt, fish, or enjoyed bird watching.  We can design a log box to meet your needs.


We offer cut branches of our beautiful Winterberry to use in decorating your home or centerpieces. Our Winterberry is second to none.

Just keep in a cool spot if possible, it does not need to be kept in a vase watered, and will last through the holiday season. The berries will dry gradually to a dark crimson color.

Wholesale is available, please contact us for availability.

Free Stuff

We offer free drilling, shaking, and bailing of ALL trees. Drilling to accommodate our fantastic tree stands, shaking to keep the old, dead needles here at the farm, rather than home in your living room, and bailing to ease in transporting the tree home.

Tree Carts help make the job easier to bring the tree to the barn for it's drilling, shaking, and bailing.
**** Tree Carts are for trees only - for your family's safety, children may not ride them. ****

We also supply bow saws to make the job of cutting down the tree easier.
**** We provide hand saws for your convenience. No Chain Saws are allowed in the fields for tree cutting. ****

FREE hot chocolate will again be available this year.

Parking is still free!


We offer greens by the bundle for those wanting to do their own decorating.

There will always be the trees, wreaths and other greenery items for you to choose from. You may find small table top Christmas Trees decorated for our shut-in friends. Or you can find decorated grapevine and twig wreaths.

We try to have something for everyone and make the memories of the season one that will not be forgotten.

For those with a hunger after selecting a tree, Troop 48 will be here Dec 9-10 offering goodies.